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Other services offered by Power Transport

Power Transport has a full range of garage services to keep you on the road. We utilise the skills of our team of fully qualified mechanics to ensure high quality workmanship, great value and the long term safety and reliability of your vehicle. All parts and labour are fully guaranteed. We offer a friendly family atmosphere, honest and trustworthy advice and exceptional cost savings. Our reputation is well earned and we know that our business and private customers keep coming back - why don't you drop in and find out why?


DPF Cleaning

With modern driving, short journeys, start stop motoring and differing fuel quality at the pumps - your Diesel Particulate Filter can be come clogged and blocked. This reduces the efficiency of your engine and can cause emissions problems. If left unchecked you may need to replace the filter or in the long term cause damage to your engine. This is an expense you can avoid.
Power Transport offer a professional and cost effective DPF Cleaning service that could save you thousands of pounds. Call us to find out more.

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Air con

We can check, service and repair air conditioning units for all makes and models of vehicle. Because we don't use the air con in our cars over winter, small faults often go unnoticed until we switch it on - don't be fooled and pay over the odds for parts and replacements you don't need. Bring your vehicle to Power Transport and let us give you an honest appraisal and realistic cost for repairs.


Minibus Checks

Power Transport are fully licensed, approved and insured to provide 4 or 6 weekly inspections required for all minibus operators to maintain their "minibus operators license". When it is your livelihood at stake, you are better off with the professional and safe service we offer. Please contact us regarding our Fleet Management and Contract Deals to save your business money.

Other Services

Wheel Alignment

Properly adjusted wheels maximise the life of your tyres and save you money. Your vehicle will track correctly, in other words, it will drive straight and true. This increases your safety and the safety of your passengers. Many companies sell this service to customers when they buy new tyres but Power Transport will offer you an honest report - we only do work that you need and approve.

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Headlight Alignment

The bumps and potholes on are roads are causing no end of suspension and tyre damage BUT have you had your headlights checked recently? Poorly adjusted headlights can be dangerous if they are not illuminating the road properly, they can upset other drivers and even get you into trouble with the police. Call in to Power Transport for a headlight alignment check and see if we can help you light the road ahead safely and legally.

General Repairs

General Repairs

Power Transport have an excellent reputation because of our honesty and ability. As we assist many commercial vehicle owners, we know the importance of making the right repair at the right price at the right time. So if you have any concerns with your car, van or minibus bring it to us for an honest appraisal and relax in the knowledge that all work carried out is fully guaranteed.


Modern vehicles have become easier to drive, safer and more comfortable. This has resulted in a greater complexity in their electronic and mechanical systems. You need the latest equipment and software to diagnose and analyse any faults or problems that may be on the way. Power Transport offer a full range of diagnostic services for all makes and models of cars and vans. This combined with the skills, knowledge and ability of our mechanics means that we are able to offer you the highest quality information for you to decide what is best for you and your vehicle. Call us today for a vehicle health check.
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Unit 2, Campbell Business Park
Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, KA1 4HL
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